Apr 24

Estate of Former Tenant Sues Landlord for Buyout Payment


A New York City landlord and the estate of one of the landlord’s tenants are tussling over whether the landlord is required to continue paying on a buyout of the tenant now that the tenant is deceased.

Walter Blomeyer, a black-cab driver, lived for decades in a single-room apartment in a building owned by Icon Realty Management, according to a recent article in the New York Post. When Icon decided to convert the building into luxury condominiums, it offered to pay Mr. Blomeyer $525,000 to get him to move. Mr. Blomeyer accepted the deal, which required Icon to pay Mr. Blomeyer $300,000 and allow him to live rent-free in another one of their buildings for a year before making the final $225,000 payment.

Unfortunately, Mr. Blomeyer died in February of a heart attack before the final payment was made, and Icon has refused to make the payment to Mr. Blomeyer’s estate. Mr. Blomeyer’s estate has filed suit against Icon for $225,000. According to the Post, Icon’s attorney argues it doesn’t have to pay the estate because there was nothing in the agreement about the estate benefiting.  “His estate is entitled to nothing,” the lawyer said.

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